Dance Fever by David Henson

Skewed Lit


I had pressed a head of lettuce to my cheek and was doing the tango when I noticed a woman down the aisle smiling. I thought I’d take a chance, but when I asked her to dance, her smile drooped like limp celery, and she pushed her cart away from me. I should’ve left it right there, but the lettuce whispered in my ear Don’t give up so I asked her again. This time she grabbed her purse and walked away from her cart. I was standing there thinking how the red peppers in her basket reminded me of the rumba when another woman came up to me. I guess she was the store manager. She was scary as broccoli and asked me if I was bothering the customers. I was feeling the rumba in my bones by then and couldn’t resist. So I asked her to dance.

“Sir, if…

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